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Gold Leaf Book

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Genuine Silver Leaf
• 99.9% Ag • Available in Loose Leaf and Transfer/Patent Leaf • Specifications

Online orders are for US based orders with totals of $1,200 or less. For larger orders, please contact us by phone for special pricing.

Full Pack 500 Leaves of Real Silver Leaf.  Packaged in 20 books of 25 leaves each.
Call for discounts on four packs or more.


Half Pack 250 Leaves of Real Silver Leaf.  Packaged in 10 books of 25 leaves each.


4 Books 100 Leaves of Real Silver Leaf.  Packaged in 4 books of 25 leaves each.


Single Book 25 Leaves of Real Silver Leaf.  Packaged in 1 book of 25 leaves.


Sample Book 5 Leaves of Real Silver Leaf.  Packaged in 1 book of 5 leaves.


Ordering Online
For ordering three packs or less, please use a credit card and our online shopping cart. Payments are processed through PayPal and can be made with Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express.

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Ordering By Phone
For orders of four packs (one pack equals 500 leaves) or more, please call our order desk for special pricing. Click here to order by phone or for any questions you may have.