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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions and Answers about Gold Leaf

Q:   What is gold leaf?
A:   Gold leaf, sometimes called gold foil, is gold that has been beaten into a very thin sheet that averages about 0.5 microns in thickness. For comparison, copier paper is around 130 microns, and human hair around 60 microns.
Click to see video of a sheet of new gold leaf being handled.
Q:   How quickly will my order be shipped?
A:   Most orders are shipped by the next business day. Orders shipped from Southern California generally take 3-5 days to reach destinations in the Western U.S., 4-6 days to reach the Midwest, and 5-7 days to reach the East Coast. Rush shipping is available.
Q:   How much do you charge for shipping?
A:   Shipping depends on the weight, destination, and value of the package being shipped. The best way to calculation shipping costs is to add items to our onine shopping cart, and enter your zip code. Shipping costs and options are listed prior to checking out.
Q:   Where is your gold leaf made?
A:   Our gold leaf is manufactured in Thailand using a unique new proprietary technology. It is rigorously inspected by our trained quality control personnel which guarantee a superior gold leaf when compared to other manufacturers.
Q:   How is your gold leaf made?
A:   To see how our gold is crafted, click here.
Q:   How is the price of your gold leaf determined?
A:   Our pricing is based on the current London price of gold, which changes daily, and by the amount of gold contained in the leaf.
Q:   Why is the price of your gold so low?
A:   The owner of the factory which makes our gold has been a personal friend for over 30 years. We have the benefit of being able to order directly from the factory and get additional savings based on our personal relationship with the owner. Those savings are then reflected in our prices.
Q:   If the price is low, isn't the quality also low?
A:   Much of the inexpensive gold leaf on the market is made in China, in small factories with poor working conditions, producing a very poor quality product. OUR gold leaf is made in Thailand by a factory that strives to make the highest quality genuine gold leaf possible. Because of our connections with the factory we're able to sell high-quality gold leaf for the best prices.
Q:   Do you sell edible gold?
A:   We currently do not sell edible gold, which must be made of pure gold or from an alloy of gold and silver, both of which are safe to ingest. Gold which is alloyed with other metals such as copper or palladium should not be consumed.
Q:   What is the difference between Loose Leaf and Transfer/Patent Leaf?
A:   Loose gold leaf is leaf that is easily removed from the book, and has almost not adhesion to the paper of the book. Gold leaf on transfer paper (also called patent paper) is gold leaf that has been pressed in to a separate piece of paper that is put inside the book. The gold leaf adheres to the transfer paper until it comes in contact with, or is pressed on to, a surface treated with an adhesive. Gold leaf on transfer paper is more commonly used by less experienced gilders, or outdoors, where it is less likely to come loose and be blown away.
Q:   What is Double Gold?
A:   "Double" gold is a misleading industry term, since double gold has about 20% (instead of 100%) more gold by weight than regular leaf. This makes it about 20% thicker. Because it is thicker than regular gold leaf, it is a little more durable and opaque than regular leaf.
Q:   Do you have volume discounts for customers?
A:   If you are ordering more than 4 packs (2,000 leaves), please contact us for special price reductions.