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Welcome to Golden Leaf Products

High Quality Genuine Gold Leaf and Silver Leaf

Gold.  Its beauty has captivated people for all of known history.

And now, at Golden Leaf Products, we’re enriching that history with a whole new line of high-quality gold leaf products.

Using a innovative, new, proprietary manufacturing process, we take the finest materials in the world, then diligently apply the extra time and care it takes to create gold leaf that’s beyond compare.

Just one look at our gold leaf product line and unique manufacturing processes and you’ll see why our products are the envy of every gold leaf manufacturer in Germany, Italy and China.

Our gold leaves come in packs and books for professional gilders, as well as small booklets and mini-bundles for hobbyists.

It’s all just part of our dedication to exceptional customer service and the best prices possible. 

Please review our products, call us today, and give every one of your projects that special golden touch!